Fastest Lambo Ever

Edo Competition hits 214 MPH with LP640 at Nardo

You see, this is how it's done. Real top speed records are set by teams of professionals in controlled environments, and they're verified by precision instrumentation. That's why Edo Competition's mark of 214 mph in a lightly-modified Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 at Nardo counts, and the YouTube-ified "219 mph" trip computer banzai run on an Arizona freeway by a former dentist and his buddies does not.

Edo's LP640 was fitted with a rear wing and sported a reprogrammed ECU, high-flow air filters, and high-performance catalytic converters. Engine output in that guise was bumped up to 663 horsepower. According to the GPS-based measuring system used on all the cars at the Nardo high-speed event, Edo's machine (complete with Calvin sticker) topped out at 214.8 mph. That is the official fastest top speed ever recorded by a Lamborghini. They're going back next year, too, with 700 horses behind the driver and a goal of 224+ mph.

For this year adidas will be dropping a luxury collection of kicks that feature
premium materials and cool looking colourways. The Tobacco will be the first to
drop in March, followed in May by the release of the Campus Vintage, Italia 1960
and Rod Laver Vintage. Each sneaker brings a subtle touch of class to the floor,
for example, the Tobacco uses laser treated crackled leather, whilst the Campus
Vintage is particularly interesting due to the woven uppers that use a combination
of suede and patent leather. Adidasi si Haine will be the first to sell this models on the romanian market.
Wordwide sales of mobile phones to end users hit 1.15 billion units in 2007, more
than 16 percent increase from the 990.9 million phones sold in 2006. Nokia leads
the market, gaining 40 percent market share for the first time during the fourth
quarter. The company sold some 435 million phones in 2007. Meanwhile, other companies
like LG, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson helped take up the slack, these companies
all gained market share in 2007. Motorola lost some market share during the year.
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The Nina Ricci show in 1'st of march was the best, silky pants, velvet frocks, vintage-inspired beaded embellishment and long train accents. The show inspire a very romantic mood despite a few sharp-shouldered jackets that appeared on the scene. Here si a "trend alert": matchy match is back. Think same colour frock and footwear. If you are a fashion victim here are "must haves": short gloves with brooch accent and silk pleated harem pants witch you can see at Haine Lux or Adidasi Puma. The hair and makeup message had an ethereal/Victorian tingle with crimped sections of loosely styled locks, overall everything was fabulous.