2009 Honda Pilot Scooped Unmasked

The forthcoming 2009 Honda Pilot was caught totally undisguised by a reader of our friends over at Jalopnik, and from the looks of it, not much has changed compared to the pre-production prototype that was shown in Detroit earlier this year. The 2009 Pilot’s styling and especially the squashed front-end with the barbeque-grill like mask has lead to many debates here at Carscoop, but we’ll leave the final word to you. Like the current model, the new Pilot is equipped with three rows of seats capable of seating eight passengers. According to Honda, the 2009 Pilot will be offered with a new generation V6 engine that will be able to operate in 6-cylinder mode for power and 4- and 3-cylinder modes for efficiency.

Via: Jalopnik , Pics: Steve Menlen