Treadmill Running Workouts

Treadmill is considered the top training machine for keeping a regular homely exercises regime. A treadmill has functions with which you can change the incline, resistance and speed.
This helps in giving the type of workout you look for. Running workouts for treadmills are programs deigned loose weight and to break the monotony of simple running. There are many treadmill workouts that I prefer but this is definitely my favorite.

Day 1 and 2 – Warm-up running for 30 minutes.

Day 3 – Rest or brisk walking for 15 minutes.
Day 4 – Heavy running with speed inclinations up to 8mph.
Day 5 – Easy running for 15 minutes.
Day 6 – Push hard and see how far you can sprint in a 60 seconds. Do this exercice for 20 minutes with breaks.
Day 7- Rest day.

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